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Lee Coulter played music in his bedroom. Sharisse earned her masters in Anthropology. Then they met. She told him he should play his songs to people. They got married. He started playing music full time. They made music videos together. They had a son and named him Kai. She began writing a novel about love and friendship in the music world. She bounced ideas off Lee – for two years. Lee started to get national radio play on Sirius XM. Sharisse finished her novel. They decided they wanted to visit you. Kai likes RVs. They’ll be touring mainland USA January-July 2013.

Between the two of them, here are some credits.

  • 1 three year old son.
  • 2 TEDx Presentations.
  • 1 Sirius XM Coffee House “Discovery of 2011”.
  • 2 nationalities.
  • Lived on 4 continents.
  • 3 college degrees.
  • 1 debut novel.
  • 2 songs currently in rotation on Sirius XM’s songwriter channel, The Coffee House.
  • 2 albums on iTunes.
  • 57000+ Youtube views.
  • 8 years of living off creativity.
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